Top 3 Reasons Vitamin C Serum Should Be an Important Part of Your Skin Care Regime

Top 3 Reasons Vitamin C Serum Should Be an Important Part of Your Skin Care Regime

 Vitamin C is good for you, we all know that, right?

Not only can it do wonders for staving off Scurvy, but it is also an integral player in the way our body metabolizes Vitamin D, which is a critical substance we attain from sunlight and supplements. What many don’t know is that Vitamin C serum can do wonders for our skin, especially with conditions like hyperpigmentation and repairing and preventing sun damage (photoaging).

The main challenge, however, is that no matter how many oranges or supplements you eat, your body has a finite ability to absorb Vitamin C through gut, and very little of what is absorbed there ends up in the skin. Dermatologists suggest that direct topical application of Vitamin C to the skin, could be very effective. With that in mind, here are three great reasons why you should incorporate Vitamin C into your skin care regime.

  1. Encourages natural collagen production

Skip the idea of relying on cosmetic procedures like fillers. Instead, incorporate something natural, like our 100% organic Vitamin C Serum into your daily routine. This product is fragrance free and dries quickly, making it an easy addition to your morning routine, whether you’re a man or woman. You can apply it before makeup, after your morning shave, and even right before bed without worrying about oily skin.

  1. It’s a natural antioxidant

What’s an antioxidant? It’s an important shield against free-radicals, which are molecules that promote premature aging. You can load your body up on antioxidant rich foods, like dark-coloured berries, but little of what you consume orally (even in a supplement pill form) will translate to your skin. Vitamin C, when applied directly to the skin in the correct format, can repair a lot of damage, much of which you can’t even see with the naked eye, but as you age that unseen damage can turn into deep lines, skin spots and other imperfections that age your appearance.

  1. It strengthens your skins naturally healing abilities

Nothing is worse than a pimple. They are ugly and often feel like a glaring target on your face,
and they seem to last for days from start to finish. By using Vitamin C on your skin daily, you boost your skins ability to heal, which means you won’t be stuck with that red irritated post-pimple spot for days. It will also help to reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin, which could occur from a variety of things.

If you are interested in getting some Vitamin C on your skin, and in your daily skin routine, consider our great products at All Natural Advice. To achieve the results we are talking about, you must get a serum with an ample concentration of at least 10% Vitamin C, but 15% is better. Our products contain a whopping 20% pure Vitamin C in every bottle, on top of Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, which all work to make your skin brighter, healthier and more resilient in our environments – which often contain a lot of sun and pollutants.