Beard Oil for Men

Wow! New Beard Oil For Men!

All New Scents

  • Jamaican Me Happy– Imagine yourself on a warm Jamaican beach with your toes in the sand, the smell of pineapples and coconuts in the air, and a cold drink in your hand. This is what Jamaican Me Happy is all about. This scent can be worn year round and is great even in those winter months, bringing you back to a warmer time of year.
  • Whiskey River- Whiskey River is a sweet, Southern delight with an "intoxicating" blend of Tennessee whiskey and a touch of caramel so you don’t smell like a drunk. It’s as smooth as Tennessee whiskey, as sweet as strawberry wine, and as warm as a glass of brandy.
  • Smashing Apples - Smashing Apples smells of Granny Smith and Macintosh apples mixed with fresh oak overtones, giving you a perfect fresh smelling mix for fall. Go ahead, smash the apples!
  • One Hot Guy - You know the guy in the bar that every girl can’t keep their eyes off of….that’s you.
  • The Billionaire - Think Donald Trump! Believe Me!
  • Surfer Dude - This is Gnarly! This is the cool smell of the ocean as you Hang Ten! Surf’s Up Dude!
  • The Professional - The Professional is the perfect scent for that professional bearded man or for a night out on the town. Think of beard care products meet high end cologne. You'll have a hard time putting this scent down.
  • Fragrance Free -Our Fragrance Free Beard Balm contains no added essential oils for those with sensitive skin.


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